The primary reason that so many people have
trouble with QuickBooks is that they do not have
someone sit down and show them how to use
the program - merely taking a class, or reading
the manual is not enough.

Below, is an older beta-version of my pre-configured
QuickBooks file, which, you may download and use for
educational, and experimental purposes.
This is the
exact same file that I use in my, beginners,
QuickBooks classes.

When I set up QuickBooks for my tax, and accounting
clients, I use a more advanced version of the file than
this one.

The newer version is easier to use; has many more
features, and, I am constantly improving it;
I charge
$50 for the newer version, and that includes an hour
or so of my time where I customize the file to your
needs, and,
I explain it to you one-on-one, in person.

I offer this, older, beta-file, for free; although, if you
are serious about using QuickBooks, properly, it is
much better to come and see me, and, have me set up
a file for you, and, for me to walk you through the
steps, personally, on how to use QuickBooks.
logic being, that, if you spend a lot of time using
QuickBooks incorrectly, you will not get good results at
year end.

I charge $50 to set up QuickBooks, personally, for
you, and for those people who hire me to do your tax
return, I then credit you back the $50, so it costs you
QuickBooks file - Beta for
educational and experimental use
only. This is not the final version.
This is the exact same file that I
present in my class on QuickBooks.
Lee Riley 415 308-0678